Paul Barbary

Paul has been pagan and a practitioner of magick since he was 11 years old and once ran an “occult” club with his school friends. Now a geezer of 50 years old, Paul is a 3rd Degree High Priest of Moonfire, an Alexandrian Coven of Du Bandi Grassil lineage through his High Priestess and wife. Paul is also a 4 degree and Perfect Initiate in Ordo Templi Orientis and Master of the Serpent Flame Camp (an official chartered OTO body in south west Michigan). As a Brit, he is also a practitioner of traditional English Witchcraft as well as an herbalist, incense blender, blacksmith and creator of magickal ritual tools. Paul and Pat teach classes at Artes And Craft, which they co-own, Convocation, area Pagan Pride Days and other pagan events.