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Marketing and Development
The SilverBriar
Practicing Witch for over 25 years; presently currently a solitary practitioner from the greater Lansing area. Single mother of 2, Green Spiral Alum, marketing & development professional/bad ass.
I have a propensity towards working with gods and goddesses of wisdom and battle, a strong background in astrology and fire divination, and a habit of working in the middle of violent thunderstorms and tornadoes.

I take very little shit from anyone. The theme of this convocation seems to be a fitting end cap to my journey over the past year, and I look forward to embracing wrath.

I am lucky to have the world\\\\\\\'s best friends and most supportive community/ social circle in existence, and I\\\\\\\'m looking forward to relaxing with them this weekend. I intend to have fun. Those with ill humor need not apply.

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